When Kangana Ranaut revealed why Irrfan Khan said no to working with her, watch video

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Did you know that Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan were supposed to work in a film together? Well, the film did not see the light of day, but Kangana, at an event, shared what Irrfan felt about sharing screen space with her.

Kangana revisited the conversation she had with Irrfan after the release of Tanu Weds Manu. At the event, she said, “I told him we must start that film. He is like – ‘Yeah but ek mayaan me do talware kaise rahengi.’”

She added, “I thought that was a compliment. I would love to have someone like Irrfan sir work with me. Someone who will give a tough competition. For me, it is a big deal that he thinks that I am a competition for him. It is such a compliment. I am floored and flattered by it.”

Kangana Ranaut spoke about Irrfan Khan when she was asked if actors, especial male stars, were afraid to share the screen space with her. Agreeing with the statement, Kangana said, “Actors do say that to me. They say it on my face that we are scared of working with you.” She added, “People think that if I say yes to a film, my role will be written more nicely.”

At the same event, Kangana also expressed that she would have loved to feature in a film with Madhubala. “You know certain exceptional faces and personalities sometimes come on screen and they are just magical, which never happens again. Such a person is Madhubala. There is something so beautiful and innocent about her. She can get away with anything, you know. I would have loved to be on the same screen as her but maybe as a pillar or something,” Kangana said.

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