When Amrita Singh said she was insecure about Saif Ali Khan: ‘Wanted to bash his head…’

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Amrita Singh had once revealed in a throwback interview that she wasn’t the ‘bikini wearing bindaas type’ actor, and felt that she was more homely. The actor, who was married to Saif Ali Khan from 1991 till 2004, opened up to Simi Garewal on how she had changed after marriage, saying she had become ‘gentler and slower’.

In 1999, when Simi Garewal mentioned that Amrita was known to be outspoken, ‘bindaas’, and if marriage had dimmed that fire, she said, “I was very bindaas, outspoken but that was my age. I was self-sufficient, I live for myself. I still am headstrong, gentler and slower now. I never was the bikini-wearing bindaas, I was a bit of a behenji. That whole bit of me about me being brash and bindaas, I felt like I had protected myself a lot more.” She added that people would really think twice before coming to talk to her. ” For a really long while, I thought the only way was to attack before they did…”

During the course of the conversation, Amrita and Saif Ali Khan related their love story, which was full of obstacles that they had to overcome. Asked whether she ever felt insecure about Saif working with heroines, Amrita answered, “I would lie if I said I didn’t. I’ve been here. We’ve had our problems, we’ve had our fights. I think it’s normal for a woman to feel insecure.” However, she said that she would rather not keep dwelling on it, as she had lived through ‘harrowing times’ before.  “I cried, and fought, did normal things that any woman wanted to do. I wanted to bash Saif’s head with a frying pan.” Saif joked and said that she had already done that.

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had a messy divorce in 2004, and they have two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim. Sara has often spoken about how Amrita and Saif were happier after they had separated. In a recent interview to Harper’s Bazaar, Sara recalled how her mother hadn’t laughed in 10 years, during her marriage to Saif. “She was suddenly happy, beautiful, and excited, like she deserves to be. Why would I be unhappy if I have two happy parents in two happy homes,” Sara said. Saif is now married to Kareena Kapoor, and the couple has two children, Taimur and Jeh.

Sara forayed into Bollywood three years ago with her debut film Kedarnath and is awaiting the release of her upcoming film, Atrangi Re, with Dhanush and Akshay Kumar.

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