Watch: Pakistan train driver halts locomotive to buy yoghurt, gets suspended

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A locomotive driver in Pakistan landed himself in a trouble when he stopped a train to buy some yoghurt! With a video of the moment going viral, leaving most in splits, it got him suspended in the process.

An inter-city train from Lahore towards Karachi stopped on the way to near Kahna railway station. To everyone’s surprise, in a video going viral, the driver’s assistant of the locomotive was seen carrying a plastic bag after purchasing yoghurt and walking back to the engine quite nonchalantly.

Watch the video here:

The incident raised questions about the safety and regulation of the railways, who have been criticised a lot recently owing to many accidents and mismanagements. “When you stop a train in the middle [of the tracks] it becomes a safety issue. Safety is our priority. We cannot tolerate anything which compromises safety,” Syed Ijaz-ul-Hassan Shah, a spokesman for the railway ministry, told AFP on Wednesday.

As the video went viral, Federal Minister for Railways Azam Khan Swati also took cognizance of the matter, and Dawn reported that the train driver and his assistant were suspended from service for stopping at an unscheduled spot.

According to the daily, the minister took action and ordered the Pakistan Railways Lahore administration to suspend driver Rana Mohammad Shehzad and his assistant Iftikhar Hussain. “I will not tolerate such events in the future and allow anyone to use national assets for personal use,” the minister warned in a statement.

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