Twitter launches a dedicated search prompt for HIV: How to use

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Twitter has now expanded support for its #ThereIsHelp notification service by introducing a dedicated search prompt for HIV-related information. The notification prompt will provide users with valuable information and resources around HIV and encourage people to reach out and get help when they need it.

The new feature will be available in regions including Asia Pacific, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, SP-Latam, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.

Twitter launched the #ThereIsHelp notification last year. The service is currently available for suicide prevention, vaccination, child sexual abuse, COVID-19, and gender-based violence. Now the company is adding support for HIV services as well.

Twitter says that with this prompt when users search for keywords that are associated with HIV/AIDS, the search results will include a notification in Hindi and English.

This is expected to encourage users to reach out for credible information and sources of help that could include websites or hotlines of local public health authorities or nonprofit organisations.

Twitter says that some of the search keywords include #AIDS, #HIV, #PEP, #PrEP, #KnowYourStatus. Users could also search for resources in Hindi by using the hashtag #विश्वएड्सदिवस.

How to find information around HIV on the Twitter app

1. Open the Twitter app
2. Tap on Explore tab
3. Enter your HIV-related keyword or query into the Search option.
4. A prompt on ‘ThereIsHelp’ will appear. Tap on it to access the desired information

How to find information around HIV on desktop

1. Visit Twiter from your browser
2. Go to Home
3. Enter your HIV-related keyword or query into the Search option.
4. A prompt on ‘ThereIsHelp will appear.C lick on it to access the information and facts on the issue

Twitter is said to have partnered with National AIDS Control Organisation, Ministry of Health (@NACOINDIA) for the launch of the #ThereIsHelp HIV search prompt.

As per a report by the NACO, there are said to have been 2.35 million patients living with HIV in India in 2019.

“We’re committed to protecting the health of the public conversation on Twitter — ensuring individuals can find credible information from authoritative sources is a key part of that mission. We also recognized that it is crucial for the public to have access to a free and #OpenInternet in combating the stigma around HIV,” Shagufta Kamran, Public Policy, Twitter India said in a press statement.

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