Squid Game actor Park Hae-Soo on Money Heist Korean adaptation: ‘Berlin is an amazing character’

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The Korean adaptation of Money Heist is gearing up for a release in early 2022. Actor Park Hae-Soo, better known for his recent show Squid Game on Netflix, gave out a special message during the global fan event of La Casa De Papel or Money Heist on Tuesday.

We told you earlier that Park is getting into the shoes of Pedro Alonso as Berlin in the Korean version. In a video released on the sidelines of the fan event, Park thanked Pedro for sending him a Dali mask as a gesture of passing on the baton. He further shared that he’ll also gift Pedro a mask being used in his adaptation.

Park attained worldwide fan following after playing the role of Cho Sang-woo or Player 218 in the dystopian drama Squid Game, Netflix’s latest global phenomenon. It was also announced last year that the streaming giant has greenlit its K-adaptation with several names popping up as cast members, including Park as Berlin.

Park, however, shared that his portrayal will be a tad different from Pedro Alonso’s. During an interview with The Swoon, he called Pedro’s version as more “chic and cold-blooded”. Park opined that Berlin “has a good reason for being cold and swaying into being a villain.” He revealed that in the K-drama “fans will get to see a more human version of Berlin.”

Park’s Sang-woo was one of the major characters in Squid Game, who can go to any extent to win the game, even if it meant backstabbing or killing his closest associates. The way he carried off the grey shades received much praise. And understanding that Berlin holds similar traits, it would be interesting to see Park under the skin of the character.

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