Quiz: Five questions on Magnus Carlsen’s challenger- Ian Nepomniachtchi, and his maverick life

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Q1. Nepo was asked about his plans to spend the money earned from Candidates and other prize tournaments.

For the moment I don’t have any time to deal (with financials & spending). As they said in the USSR: “Life is given only once, and you have to spend it at xxxxxxxx xxxxx”. (8, 5).

Q2. What’s the common word?

Clue 1. Armageddon is to chess what xxxxxxx xxxxx (7,5) are to football.

Clue 2. According to chess.com, when Nepo played for Russia in team championships, sometimes the squad was criticised for “Nepo’s Xxxxxxx, xxxxx” (7, 5) team tactics: Players on other three boards didn’t mind drawing, while Nepo tried to win with White, and often did.


Q3. This was before Nepo started putting in the long hours and hard work preparing for the Candidates. But when chess.com asked him earlier: “What is one thing you do better than any other elite player?”, his half-joking response was:

“Being xxxx (4) probably. That’s my superpower.”

Q4. What intellectual Russian game show does Nepo swear by, even appearing as a participant on it?
Xxxx, xxxxx, xxxx (4, 5, 4)


Q5. “The game changed and I changed and got older, and I have less relevant experience and general in-game reaction. I am still trying to do things my way and it doesn’t work, so you lose and get angry and frustrated, and it’s the wrong way to spend your time, you know. Spend a few hours, get angry, then spend even more hours and get even angrier.”

What game’s Nepo talking about?


Answers to iesportsquiz@gmail.com. Spelling mistakes will be frowned upon.

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