Pune: PMC to allocate Rs 10 cr for smart city, cough up Rs 20 cr later based on funds available

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Despite the demand of Rs 73.5 crore by the Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL) for undertaking smart city projects in the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to allot only Rs 10 crore from its budgetary allocation, while providing another Rs 20.5 crore based on the availability of funds. Rs 40 crore had been allocated earlier in September this year.

The PSCDCL had demanded Rs 73.5 crore for the financial year to undertake smart city projects. However, the PMC cited the rule that the civic body has to contribute funds equivalent to that provided by the state government, which amounts to Rs 70.5 crore.

“The PMC had made a budgetary provision of Rs 50 crore for Pune smart city for 2021-22 and had allocated Rs 40 crore on September 30. Thus, the PMC needs to allocate the remaining Rs 30.5 crore to the PSCDCL this year. However, it has only Rs 10 crore left in the budgetary allocation for Pune smart city,” said Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar.

He said the PMC will pay Rs 10 crore for the time being and the remaining amount of Rs 20.5 crore will be paid to PSCDCL based on the availability of funds. “We have approved the civic administration’s proposal to pay Rs 10 crore to the PSCDCL and Rs 20.5 crore based on the availability of funds,” said Hemant Rasane, Chairperson of the Standing Committee.

The Pune Smart City has, so far, received Rs 171.5 crore from the state government since 2015-16. The PMC needs to pay an equal share for smart city projects. Till date, the PMC has paid Rs 141 crore and it needs to pay Rs 30.5 crore.

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