Park’s first successful breeding of Budgerigar

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A PAIR of Budgerigar, an exotic bird from Australia, has been successfully bred at the Walk Through Aviary of exotic birds. This brought a smile to the faces of forest/wildlife officers who have been waiting for this moment since the inauguration of the bird park.

“The successful breeding has brought a sigh of relief as it was anticipated that the breeding process could be disturbed due to the heavy presence of people. The successful breeding indicates that this is a healthy, stress-free environment for the birds”, Chief Conservator of Forest, Debendra Dalai, said. There are a dozen pairs of Budgerigar at the bird park.

It is the first breeding in the bird park which has around 840 exotic birds. Budgerigars breed in wet springs. In captivity, the pair can lay clutches of eggs depending on the condition and environment. The life span of this bird is between 5 and 12 years.

Mitinder Singh Sekhon, President of Chandigarh Bird Club, said, “Budgerigar is an exotic bird from Australia. It is largely a pet bird and also breeds successfully in homes. The breeding at the park can be considered a good sign.”

Other 840 exotic birds kept in the aviary include blue, yellow, green and red Macaw, rainbow and swainson’s lorikeet, sun and jandaya parakeet etc.

The Walk Through Aviary was inaugurated by the First Lady Savita Kovind on November 16.
The Walk Through Aviary of Exotic birds in Chandigarh is among a few such aviaries in India.

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