Mumbai: Gangster Riyaz Bhatti booked for ‘extortion’ after complaint by Versova businessman

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A 44-year-old businessman on Sunday lodged an FIR at Versova police station alleging that gangster Riyaz Bhatti extorted Rs 24.85 lakh from him last year.

The complainant said he came in touch with Bhatti as they live in the same neighbourhood.

Bhatti allegedly told him that he has contacts in the police department and knows several politicians. Bhatti also showed his photos with politicians on the internet to win the complainant’s trust.

The complainant told the police that through Bhatti he came in touch with a sex worker. The woman shot a video of her with the complainant, and Bhatti allegedly used the video to extort the money.

Fearing defamation, the complainant said he paid Rs 24.85 lakh to Bhatti and got the video deleted. However, he later found out that the woman was not a sex worker but Bhatti’s wife, who recently contacted him and told him that she had been acting on Bhatti’s instructions.

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