‘It’s a fight against all drug dealers’

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Navkiran Singh, counsel for Lawyers For Human Rights International (LFHRI), the intervener in the high-profile drugs case, who moved an application before the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking the opening of the sealed report by Punjab STF chief Harpreet Sidhu, says he is not against any individual but all those dealing in drugs in the state of Punjab.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Navkiran said, “The body LFHRI became the intervener in the matter in 2013. After four years, we moved an application before the HC after learning that the confessional statements of accused in drugs case recorded by ED, hinted at the involvement of Bikram Majithia, which needed to be probed by the Punjab Police. After this, HC forwarded the case to STF chief Harpreet Singh Sidhu. Though the report was submitted by Sidhu, the HC again sought a status report from the State of Punjab which came in May 2018.”

Advocate Navkiran says the matter remained pending at the HC until April 2021, when he moved an application for opening of the reports lying in sealed covers at the HC. “The new government has acted in the matter, and taken the initial steps on the issue. The STF report, which has been attached in the FIR against Majithia, has enough evidence for initiating an investigation into the drug issue, “ he said, adding, “But remember, it isn’t a chargesheet, it is only an FIR.”

On being asked, if the case had started moving in the right direction, Navkiran said, “This case involves politics. The previous governments and their political heads did not act in the matter because it did not suit them. Now the present Government has not opposed our application for opening of the sealed reports, and has supported us. But if the Government changes in the next elections, and the ruling party again favours the accused, then the same investigation will again be held up. And we may have to move another application for speeding up of the case.”

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