FT-IE event: India’s climate actions to be discussed today

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AT THE recent climate change conference in Glasgow, India forced an amendment in the final agreement, getting a reference to phase-out of coal changed to ‘phase-down’. Though it was done with the backing of several developing countries, the move was seen by many in the developed world and civil society organisations as diluting the ambition of global climate action.

In the first official explanation for pushing the amendment, India’s Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav, in an event organised by The Indian Express and The Financial Times on Tuesday, is expected to speak about the rationale and significance of the change made in the Glasgow Climate Pact.

Yadav will participate in a discussion titled ‘New Technology and Green Economy: Two Trends Shaping a New India’, which is fourth in a series of events being organised by The Indian Express and The Financial Times called ‘India’s Place in the World’.

Yadav, who had personally piloted the amendment during the final hours of the conference in Glasgow, is expected to talk about the implications of the change in phrase for developing countries like India, and what it would translate into in terms of timelines for reduction in usage of coal for electricity generation.

He is also expected to answer questions on the new climate commitments announced by India at the Glasgow meeting, including the promise to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

The interaction with Yadav will be followed by another with Praveer Sinha, CEO of Tata Power, one of the oldest and most prominent energy companies in the country. Rapid scale-up of renewable energy capacities and usage is at the heart of India’s climate action plans, and companies like Tata Power are the crucial change agents. Sinha is expected to talk about India’s renewable energy scenario, the need for further reforms in the sector, and his assessment of the India’s new climate targets.

Towards the end of the evening, Ajay Mathur, director general of International Solar Alliance, and Sunita Narain, head of Centre for Science and Environment, will join in a live conversation over India’s climate change action plan, the transitions taking shape, the opportunities opening up, and the push that is required for India to leapfrog into becoming a cleaner and more efficient economy.

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