Farm union leaders hold meetings, may enter fray under ‘Farmers’ Forum’ name

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After Bharatiya Kisan Union Haryana chief Gurnam Singh Charuni’s campaign under ‘mission Punjab’, which aims at motivating farm unions to contest the upcoming Punjab election, now farmer leaders in Punjab are also contemplating the same.

Earlier, most farmer unions in the state were against contesting the Assembly elections and only a few were in direct or indirect favour of some parties. However, now they are having discussions on the issue. One such meeting was organised on Thursday in Samrala (Ludhiana) and another is going to take place on Saturday. More such meetings are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. Farm union leaders said that though it is very premature to say for sure if they will enter politics, but for the first time serious discussion on this matter is taking place among the farmer groups and something will happen.They also made it clear that they have nothing to do with the Charuni’s mission in Punjab and if they have to enter into politics it might be under some ‘Farmers’ Forum’.

A senior farm leader, who was also present at the meeting, said that when they were protesting against the three farm laws, they received an overwhelming support from the people. “However, now we have to analyse if the support will get converted into votes. The farm unions will have to tread very carefully before embarking on any political path. If we have to contest any elections, then it should be under a separate ‘farm forum’ not in alliance with any political party. The people need an alternative and if we form alliance with any political party, that alternative will still be missing,” he said.

He added that in Thursday’s meeting, which was attended by 23 of the 32 farm unions, there was a strong buzz that Balbir Singh Rajewal of BKU Rajewal was approched by AAP for being the CM candidate. Sources said that Rajewal was inclined to the proposal and called the meeting of the unions to seek support.

However, when he saw that nobody was in favour of such an alliance, he said a decision will be taken after proper discussion.

When contacted, Rajewal refused that he comment on the matter.

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