‘Education first’: Gujarat bride goes viral for giving exam on wedding day

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Putting education first, a woman in Gujarat took her exam on her wedding day. Dressed in her bridal attire, she turned up at the examination centre to write her paper before tying the knot. Now, video of the bride is going viral, inspiring many others.

The video showed the Rajkot bride wearing a red lehenga and heavy jewellery, calmly sitting at a desk busy writing answers. The video started a serious conversation how even in 2021 many young girls have to let go of their dream of pursuing higher education and are married off.

The bride, identified as Shivangi Bagthariya by the local media, is a student of Shanti Niketan College and was appearing for her fifth semester exam for Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).

Watch the video here:

The reports added that she came to the venue along with her would-be-husband, who too was seen dressed in wedding outfit. Later, talking to reporters, the bride explained that the date of their wedding was set before the exam schedule was announced, and sadly it overlapped. However, both the families agreed that the exam was important and adjusted the muhuraat timings so she could take the exam first and then exchange vows.

Many praised the woman and the families for prioritising education and said this could set example and inspire other families to do the same in a similar situation. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet,” commented a user. “Good to see people, Husband and In Laws encouraging their daughter in law for studies,” another wrote.

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