Daughter tweets about mother’s wedding after escape from toxic marriage, wins hearts

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While age is no bar to finding love again, when it comes to a woman getting married again, there’s always some reservation. However, in a heartwarming thread going viral, a young girl has been updating her followers after her mother’s wedding and she can’t keep calm. Netizens too joined the bandwagon sending best wishes to the new couple.

Twitter user, @alphaw1fe recently shared a few snapshots from the wedding, showing her mother, the would-be-bride, getting her mehendi done for the auspicious day. “Can’t believe mom is getting married GURL U SLAYY,” the excited daughter wrote on the microblogging site.

She later added another small video to show how happy her mother was to start her new life.

As the tweet garnered a lot of attention, and best wishes poured in, the daughter also revealed answering a netizen’s tweet that her mother had walked out of a toxic marriage some 15 years ago, which makes it even more special. “The fact that me and my 16yo brother weren’t in favor of having a man in our family but NOW? WE’RE SO AO HAPPY TO WELCOME A FATHER FIGURE IN OUR LIVES,” the girl added.

As the thread got more attention, she shared some more photos from the joyous occasion of her mother’s ring ceremony and revealed that the bride and groom are tying a knot Thursday.

As the tweets went viral, they were not just was filled with best wishes and positive remarks about “it’s never to late to find love”, but also started a conversation about how we should normalise people walking out of toxic and unhappy marriages.

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