Chandigarh’s total fertility rate is 1.4: NFHS-5 data

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Chandigarh’s total fertility rate was marked as 1.4 in the National Family Health Survey 2020-21 (NFHS-5), the fifth in the NFHS series, which was released on Wednesday.

The NFHS provides information on population, health, and nutrition for India and each state/Union Territory (UT).

The main objective of each successive round of the NFHS has been to provide high-quality data on health and family welfare and emerging issues in this area. NFHS-5 data will be useful in setting benchmarks and examining the progress the health sector has made over time. As part of the NFHS-5 fieldwork for Chandigarh, information was gathered from 761 households, 746 women, and 104 men.

The fact sheet of fertility in Chandigarh lists institutional births at 96.9 and births in the public facility at 83.2. Cesarean sections in the public facility were 30.6 and 44.3 in private facilities.

In terms of vaccination, the percentage of children (12 to 23 months) who are fully vaccinated is 80.9 and children (6 to 59 months) who are anemic is 54.6. In terms of screening for cancer among adults (30 to 49 years), the screening test for cervical cancer is only 1.4. Women who have comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS is 20.3 per cent. Women whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is below normal is 13.1 per cent and women who are overweight or obese is 44 per cent.

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