Bengaluru: BMTC slashes AC bus fares, rates of daily and monthly passes

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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has slashed Vajra AC bus fares in Bengaluru by 34 per cent. The BMTC also reduced daily and monthly pass rates of Vajra buses.

Starting Friday, the new revised bus fare will be implemented. The discount does not apply to the Vayu Vajra (airport) services, said BMTC in a release on Wednesday evening.

Fares up to 6 km, which comprise the first three stages of the Vajra services, will remain the same. Passengers travelling to stage 4, which is 8 km and beyond, will be charged less ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 40 depending on the distance travelled.

Earlier, the BMTC was charging Rs 30 beyond 8 km. Now, it has been revised to Rs 25. Meanwhile, the fare of Vajra bus day pass has been reduced from Rs 120 to Rs 100 and monthly pass fare has been reduced from Rs 2,000 to Rs 1,500.

BMTC also said that it will start operating 90 more services on 12 new routes. Presently the corporation is operating 83 AC buses on nine routes.

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