ASI, civic volunteer held for ‘molesting’ woman during drop

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An assistance sub-inspector (ASI) and a civic volunteer of the Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate were arrested on Saturday for allegedly molesting a woman while dropping her to a destination on a bike. A Kolkata police station has filed a case under the molestation charge against the accused.

Revealing the sequence of the event, police said the woman, said to be in her 20s, was heading to a friend’s house from her residence in Asansol on Thursday night. She got off at a bus stand and could not book an app-based cab for the onward journey as her phone battery ran out.

In the meantime, the ASI and the volunteer, both in plainclothes, pulled up their bike and promised to drop her to her friend’s house, a police officer said. Her suspicion of the two men was dispelled by the presence of a police officer there.

In her complaint, she said she was molested on the bike by the accused despite her protest. She fled and reported the matter to a traffic police sergeant, following which a case was registered.

In a similar incident a year ago, a woman was allegedly molested by two of her friends in a moving car in Kolkata in the presence of a female friend. She was returning home after attending a birthday party. The accused were arrested.

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