Are you self-critical? Watch this motivational video to change your life

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We are the harshest critics of ourselves, pointing out minor mistakes that other people may not notice. While some amount of introspection is encouraged, too much negative self talk may be a cause of concern. How can you ensure you remain kind to yourself and become aware of how to be present and mindful in both thought and action?

Motivational speaker Abria Joseph beautifully elaborated this in his TEDx talk. He narrated a story about how wanted to play a Swiss instrument but self doubt and criticism stopped him. Watch here:

He said, ”And you wouldn’t believe the stories that were going on in my head — people are going to think I suck; everyone’s going to know and the thing is, those were just stories, right, because they haven’t happened yet. But why do we seem to believe the stories that haven’t happened yet, because they’re not true; is that right?”

He continued: ”What if your favourite song came on, you are with the group of people, some are friends, some are different people just out and about maybe in public, your favorite song, mind you; don’t be shy — your favorite song. The song comes on and you normally scream this song at the top of your lungs at home. But yet you’re just going like this: God, this is my favorite song. It’s my jam. But then suddenly you stop, because the voices in the head say, “Don’t do it. You’re going to look like an idiot.”

He concluded by sharing three questions from Indian spiritual saint Sai Baba that you can ask yourself whenever you feeling negative emotions and thoughts:

“Is what we speak the truth?

Is it necessary?

Does it improve upon the silence?”

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