AAP releases manifesto with 23 guarantees, including free water

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Contesting elections for the first time here in Chandigarh, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday released its election manifesto with 23 guarantees for the upcoming MC elections to be held on December 24. AAP’s national leader and in-charge of Chandigarh affairs and MLA from Delhi S Jarnail Singh and Delhi government’s Food and Supplies Minister Imran Hussain formally released the manifesto. The first guarantee it was said to have a clean UT.

“Chandigarh will be freed from the mountains of garbage. Modern machines will be used for garbage collection and garbage disposal. The number of safai karamcharis will be increased in each ward,” the AAP leaders said. It was also stated that there would be 24 hours clean water for every household. “20,000 litres of free, clean water will be given to every family per month,” it was said.

AAP also spoke about door step delivery of services. “On the lines of Delhi, door-step delivery of services under the corporation will be started. The broker mafia will be eliminated. Development works will also be done in all the societies of Chandigarh with government funds. In a freehold society, only the built up land will be taxed and the vacant space will be exempted from tax,” Jarnail Singh said.
AAP claimed that it would give free parking.

Slum free Chandigarh: Pucca houses will be arranged for slum dwellers
Free parking in all the markets; community parking will be made in residential areas
Pothole free roads
Environment protection: trees will be planted; Sukhna Lake will be beautified
Arrangements for badminton and other sports in the grounds and parks
Convenient and pollution-free public transport; electric vehicles will be promoted; bus auto stands will be made
Strong security, women’s defence: Delhi has the highest number of CCTVs in the world, in the same way, work will be done in Chandigarh. Mohalla marshals will be appointed and 24×7 women’s helpline number will be issued
New places will be allotted to street vendors
Pressure on administration to increase pension of old age, widow, disabled, deceased dependents by Rs 2,500
Free education will be given to primary schools; library will be made in each ward
Free treatment, Mohalla clinics n Tests, medicines will also be free of cost
Electricity cables will be laid underground; tax levied by the MC on electricity bills will be abolished; solar power plants will be installed in all government institutionsTax of EWS

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