WordleCup lets you play with your Wordle buddies head-to-head

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Wordle variants are not new at this point and there are quite a few of them, from ones that let you hunt for six-letter words everyday to ones that have you guessing for swear words. However, another fan has now created a Wordle clone that functions just like the normal version of the game, but lets you play head-to-head against your friends in true multiplayer fashion.

WordleCup, which works on both PC and mobiles, allows you to setup a head-to-head match with up to eight friends, after which the game isn’t just about  guessing the right word, but also beating your friends with a higher score.

How does it work?

Players can go to WordleCup.io to play the game. Once they are on the site, they can either choose ‘Find a Game’ to play a random game with someone over the internet, or choose the ‘Create Room’ to add friends and play with them.

wordle, wordlecup, wordle tips, wordle news, Here are the settings that WordleCup lets you tweak. (Image Source: WordleCup.io)

The game features a time element and also has multiple rounds. Meanwhile the host in a room gets to tweak settings ahead of a match, including the number of rounds, the time for each round and even the number of letters. Players can go short with four letter words and increase the size till eight letters.

The rest of the rules are just like Wordle. Green letters are correct and placed, while yellow letters are correct but not placed. As always, the grey letters are not correct.

The website, which mentions that it is still in beta also lets you know that you may face issues if you use the Safari browser. So, we suggest you stick to Chrome or any other browser to play.

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