Watch this daring rescue of a girl by two men from burning building

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In moments of crisis, most people go the “every man for himself” way. However, two men in Russia chose to risk their lives to save a girl from a building on fire and are being praised for their bravery.

In a video that has taken social media by storm, black fumes can be seen billowing out of the windows of a high rise building. From one of those windows, a girl is seen trying to get out of her apartment as the men on the floor below help her.

The 52-second video shows the men standing on the ledge of their narrow window and holding on to the frame to support the girl, who struggles for several minutes as she tries to climb down to escape the fire. The video, captured from a distance, then shows the girl being rescued by her kind and brave neighbours into their apartment.

The footage of the miraculous rescue quickly went viral on several Reddit subgroups.

Watch the intense moment here:

REN TV reported the fire broke out on the evening of January 29 in an apartment on Dorozhnaya Street in Moscow and emergency services rushed to the spot to control the situation. Though the “fire was quickly eliminated”, it almost completely engulfed the apartment on the building’s ninth floor.

A preliminary report by the media outlet said three people were injured in the fire and 12 people were rescued from the house, who were all examined by doctors. An eyewitness told the 360 TV channel the men, who saved the girl, were also injured in the process and received burns and cuts.

Now, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is looking for the two men seen in the video to thank them for their heroic act. “It is known that one of the rescuers was 40-year-old Konstantin, who lives on the floor below. It was he who first came to the aid of people from a burning apartment,” a Bloknot report added.

The cause of the fire was a short circuit in the wiring, Izvestia reported.

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