Two Sri Lankans arrested at Mumbai airport for carrying undeclared foreign currency

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The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai customs arrested two Sri Lankan nationals for allegedly carrying Rs 48.70 lakh in foreign currencies out of India.

Sources said the mother-daughter duo was carrying $58,000 and £6,000 without declaring it to the customs. The arrests were made on January 16.

“The two passengers were intercepted by AIU officers and on examination of their hang bags $25,000 were recovered and accordingly both were offloaded. Further, during the examination of their checked-in luggage, foreign currency in dollars and pounds were recovered. A total of $58,000 and £6,000 collectively equivalent to Rs 48.70 lakh have been seized under The Customs Act 1962,” said a source.

As per norms, a passenger carrying more than $5,000 out of India should declare it to the Indian customs authority before leaving the country.

Last week the AIU had intercepted three Dubai bound passengers and recovered foreign currency in USD, Euros and AED worth Rs 61 lakh.

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