Tuesday inspiration: Of finding fulfilment and humility

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Often, we find ourselves struggling with deadlines, stress, workload; somethings that have now become a part of our new normal. As such, it is only natural to feel burdened and burnt out. So how can you avoid feeling this way?

TED speaker Raymond Tang, who struggled with the same, found respite in an ancient Chinese philosophy book titled “The Tao Te Ching: The Book of the Way and Its Virtue.” Watch his inspiring talk here:

Tang mentioned that a poem in the philosophy book changed his life and helped him find fulfillment. Check it out below:

“The supreme goodness is like water.
It benefits all things without contention.
In dwelling, it stays grounded.
In being, it flows to depths.
In expression, it is honest.
In confrontation, it stays gentle.
In governance, it does not control.
In action, it aligns to timing.”

”If we think about water flowing in a river, it is always staying low. It helps all the plants grow and keeps all the animals alive. It doesn’t actually draw any attention to itself, nor does it need any reward or recognition. It is humble. But without water’s humble contribution, life as we know it may not exist,” he said.

He continued how water’s humility taught him a few important things. “It taught me that instead of acting like I know what I’m doing, or I have all the answers, it’s okay to admit when I need help,” he added.

”It also taught me that, instead of promoting my glory and success, it is so much more satisfying to promote the success and glory of others. It taught me that, instead of doing things where I can get ahead, it is so much more fulfilling and meaningful to help other people overcome their challenges so they can succeed. With a humble mindset, I was able to form a lot richer connections with the people around me. I became genuinely interested in the stories and experiences that make them unique and magical. Life became a lot more fun, because every day I’d discover new quirks, new ideas and new solutions to problems I didn’t know before, all thanks to the ideas and help from others,” he concluded.

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