SSM banks on farm agitation for its poll campaign

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The Sanjukt Samaj Morcha (SSM) is contesting the elections for the first time and is reaching out to the people, especially women in rural areas, by highlighting the struggle of one-year-long farm agitation.

The SSM’s candidates have started the door-to-door campaign, which is focused on the farm agitation.

The issues of nepotism and corruption are the other two issues which the SSM candidates had been taking up during their campaign.

SSM’s candidate from Mohali Ravneet Brar told The Indian Express that they had been highlighting the farm agitation and trying to tell the people that the repeal of the farm laws was just a one step to ease out the burden on the farmers but it is a long battle.

“We lost more than 700 people in the agitation. The political parties had been mocking us when we started the protest. We also want to tell the traditional parties that their days are numbered and it is the turn of farmers to play an important role in the future,” he said.

The SSM team had also started to reach out to the people through the social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“We are targeting the youngsters and the women. They are connecting with us. We have been going to villages and the response is good,” Brar added.

Brar said that the SSM had been targeting nepotism in the state politics and appealing to the people to vote in large numbers against the people promoting nepotism.

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