Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani raises objections to conversations recorded by Rahul Mukerjea as ‘evidence’

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IN THE Sheena Bora ‘murder’ case, accused raised objections to conversations recorded allegedly by Bora’s fiance Rahul Mukerjea with Indrani Mukerjea and her then husband Peter Mukerjea, days after the alleged murder, claiming that procedure was not followed for them to be admitted as evidence. Indrani also submitted before the court that a birth certificate of Bora issued by the state government of Assam, cited as evidence, is a scanned document of a coloured copy and not an original public document.

On Wednesday, the special court heard arguments by the accused on various applications, noting their objection to exhibiting certain evidence that came to the fore during the deposition of Rahul last week. The defence lawyers submitted that the CBI did not follow procedure in providing them with transcriptions of the alleged conversations that were played in court last week. The court also heard arguments on whether Indrani can represent herself and cross-examine Rahul despite having a lawyer on record.

CBI prosecutor Manoj Chaladan submitted that an accused has a right to a fair trial and if she has decided upon representing herself during the trial, the agency has no choice but to concede. Indrani told the court that her lawyer has an extremely busy schedule and she does not want the trial to be delayed due to it. “I will not hold the court responsible for any consequence that may arise due to my decision to represent myself,” Indrani told the court. The court will decide on the pleas on Tuesday.

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