New system to manage rush of patients at PGI

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The standing finance committee of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has in principle approved the agenda of replacing the 17-year-old hospital management software with the Hospital Information Management System 2 (HIS 2.0), an advanced technology that will be in sync with the digital initiatives of the Centre and its seamless implementation.

“The HIS 2.0 will be a game changer. It will help PGI streamline many issues related to high flow of patients at the institute. It will help patients cut down their time spent in queues, reduce their inconvenience in making frequent payments, and help the institute staff increase their overall efficiency. We cannot expect the rush to come down at PGI, we have to change systems and rely on the latest technology to help patients,” says PGI Director, Prof Vivek Lal. Kumar Gaurav Dhawan, Deputy Director of Administration, says that HIS 2.0 is the latest Java-based application.

“It’s a multi-hospital application and will cater to new satellite centres and upcoming hospitals, besides the existing hospitals at PGI. It has various features like mobile apps, QMS, etc., for the staff are required to provide quick and easy access to patient-centric services, which are not available in the current HIS. It will allow seamless integration with Central schemes notified from time to time,” says Dhawan.

The existing application, says Dhawan, was conceptualised about 15 years ago and has reached its saturation point as new changes have become difficult to incorporate. The need for change was felt and the decision was taken in 2018 to have a new application i.e. a new upgraded version of HIS 1.0. It was discussed threadbare in several meetings of computerization monitoring committee and then finalised.

The institute strives to have machines for online payments at the registration counters of OPDs, and it will have about 18 modules which are divided into various sub-modules and will cater to OPDs, IPDs, blood bank, all labs, patient queue management, OPD appointments, accounts, establishment HR, procurement, etc.

“It will be implemented in three groups/phases within two years. The overall cost has been stated to be Rs 27.50 crore by C-Dac which includes HIS 2.0 SW, its hosting in C-Dac Noida cloud, and disaster recovery at C-Dac Noida. The overall project duration will be seven years,” says Dhawan, adding that the institute now wants to upgrade the e-office and digitise all records.

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