Mumbai: Lawyer procured chemicals from factory sealed by DRI to make Mephedrone, say police

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THE ANTI Narcotics Cell of Mumbai Police that arrested lawyer Rajkumar Rajhuns on November 17 has found that he allegedly arranged for ingredients to manufacture Mephedrone by pilfering chemicals from a factory seized by DRI earlier.

Rajhuns was arrested for allegedly using his Kolhapur farmhouse to manufacture Mephedrone last month. During his interrogation, police found that Rajhuns had procured chemicals to produce Mephedrone from a factory sealed by DRI last year.

The DRI had sealed the factory in Kolhapur in March 2020 and arrested three persons including one Rakesh Khanivadekar alias Rocky. It was chemicals sealed in this factory that were allegedly pilfered by Rajhuns. When the chemicals here got over, he then sourced it from Mumbai.

The narcotics cell has now also found a link between Khanivadekar and Rajhuns and suspect the former had taught Rajhuns to make narcotics. Khanivadekar is currently behind bars.

A senior official said they have already made an application before a court to seek custody of Khanivadekar in connection with the case in which Rajhuns had been arrested for interrogation.

An official said that after the arrest of Rajhuns they arrested two more persons who helped peddle the narcotics that Rajhuns got from his Kolhapur farmhouse.

The narcotics cell had arrested one Christina Maglin from Bandra for peddling drugs in November. During her questioning, it came to light that she had procured Mephedrone from Rajhuns. The police team then tracked Rajhuns for three days and eventually raided his farmhouse in Kolhapur.

At the farmhouse, the police found chemical and apparatus used to produce Mephedrone along with a small quantity of the contraband. The team seized 120 grams of
Mephedrone and equipment and raw material worth Rs 2.35 crore that was used to manufacture the narcotics.

Following this, Rajhuns was arrested. The narcotics cell will arrest Khanivadekar if during the interrogation it is confirmed that he had taught Rajhuns the procedure to make Mephedrone.

A former DRI official said that in cases where during raids the chemicals are kept in large containers, they keep it all in one room at the factory, lock it and hand the keys to the owner. The owner under affidavit has to pledge that he will ensure it will not fall in wrong hands. If it does, legal action can be taken against the owner.

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