Mira Kapoor’s ‘DIY sculpting and firming face massage’ technique is ‘indulgent yet simple’

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Mira Kapoor has always been an advocate for sustainable beauty practices and her social media is proof of it. In one of her recent Instagram posts, she shared another beauty routine, which looks fairly simple and does not involve a lengthy visit to the salon.

She captioned it “DIY sculpting & firming face massage”.

Mira took to her official YouTube channel to share the detailed video, in which she demonstrated and explained the massage techniques in detail. “I love how indulgent yet simple it is, and it always leaves me feeling refreshed, calm and pampered,” the social media influencer said.

She began with a face oil or serum, which can depend on your skin type. “Warm it by rubbing your palms together,” she said, stroking her neck with her knuckles first.

Next, she massaged her face to “help with blood circulation”. “Think of it like a warm-up before you work out.” She went on to work on her jaws, using her thumb to grip the underside. “This helps to contour the muscles on the jawline that are always sagging when you look down,” she said.

She worked on the laugh lines before moving to the eyes, the crown of her head and the rest of the face using only her thumb and knuckles. She also demonstrated how to reduce dark circles and puffiness by massaging around the eyes, especially the under eye.

“Remember to be firm throughout,” she said, as she massaged her forehead and the area near her eyebrows. Mira also showed how to use the index finger and the thumb to stretch the facial muscles while also following the natural contour of the face.

She showed how to work around the muscles in the neck and the shoulder for “posture and firmness”. Mira said the massaging and sculpting is “put together with bits and pieces” of various techniques she has learnt over the years.

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