Maharashtra technical education board declares timetable for winter exams

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The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education has declared the winter examination schedule for all diploma courses approved by AICTE as well as pharmacy courses.

The examination for theory papers will be from January 18 to February 9 and will be conducted in an online proctored manner through a multiple-choice question (MCQ) paper. The colleges have been asked to use audio-visual and conferencing methods to complete oral and practical exams by January 15, as per the timetable declared by the board.

According to a notification published by the board, students will be given two hours for the theory examination, but the actual exam would be only of an hour’s duration. It is mandatory to attempt at least 35 of the total 40 questions. The detailed timetable will be published soon on the board’s official website.

The notification has asked colleges to ensure that there is no cheating during the online proctored examinations and that strict vigilance is maintained for the same. A detailed note on the quantum of punishment, depending on the offence, has also been shared. For example, if the examinee’s face is not clearly visible or turned away from the camera, not seen or the camera is covered and the examinee fails to comply despite three warnings, they may face cancellation of the said paper. If the examinee is observed to be in possession of any communication device, mobile phone, gadget or books, notes and fails to comply after two warnings, their appearance in the said exam will be cancelled.

Colleges have also been asked to maintain all records regarding conduct of the examination and evidence of malpractice for future perusal.

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