Karnataka department of primary and secondary education is now department of school education and literacy

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Taking a cue from the school education system of other states and as per the guidelines of the National Education Policy, 2020, the Karnataka government Friday renamed the department of primary and secondary education as the department of school education and literacy with immediate effect.

The state government, in a statement, said the decision was taken after consulting experts at various stages. The name change was undertaken since most of the states in India consider school education till Class XII. As a result of the name change, the department of pre-university education and also the department of public instruction will also fall under the school education, the government informed.

Speaking to indianexpress.com, an education official said, “Many state governments and even the central government has done away with terms like ‘department of public instruction’ and have renamed them as department of school education. The Department of public instruction sounds very authoritative and is inspired from the colonial mindset. The education department in Karnataka has been attempting to get rid of this for many years but it did not happen. However, in January this year, the education department submitted a notification in this regard. It has now come into effect.”

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