Karan Deol on working with Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby in Apne 2: It’s a blessing

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After a not-so-flattering debut, Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol is up with his second release Velle. Backed by superstar Ajay Devgn, the film is directed by debutante Deven Munjal and is an adaptation of the 2019 Telugu movie Brochevarevarura. The rom-com will see Karan play Rahul, a school student, who along with his friends (Savant Singh Premi, Visshesh Tiwari and Anya Singh), gets involved in a kidnapping case.

In a recent interaction with indianexpress.com, Karan opened up about reliving his school life through Velle. When asked what decides his choice of films, the young actor said, “My choices are basically dependent on what attracts me, and what I believe in as an actor. I think there’s no point in taking up a role that doesn’t excite you as that will automatically show on camera. I have always believed that the camera is your best friend and worst enemy because it can capture your truest self. If you are not connected or convinced, you will never be able to play the part. I did relate to Rahul at some level and the film reminds one of their fun, carefree life. I think these were the factors for me.”

Whether his family name and his attempt to create his own identity are also factors, he said, “As for getting away from the shadow, as and when I do more films, and my career moves ahead, I think I will be able to create my own identity.”




Interestingly, Velle also features Karan’s uncle Abhay Deol. Excited about working with his nephew, Abhay in an interview mentioned how he saw a bit of himself in Karan. Talking about his experience, Karan shared, “It was great to work with him and I learnt a lot. He is a fabulous actor and has a great body of work. Also, for me, he is more like a friend and thus I was quite at ease. Given so much uncertainty around, it was actually amazing to have him around.”

After Abhay, Karan will also rub shoulders with grandfather Dharmendra, father Sunny Deol and uncle Bobby Deol in Apne 2. Ask him to divulge some details on the much-anticipated film, and he says, “I really can’t say much as it’s still in the writing process. Once the script is ready we will go on floors. It’s a blessing to work with family, especially when they are also such brilliant actors. Hopefully, once the ball gets rolling, we will have more to talk about.”

Karan calls Velle is a perfect film to watch with family and friends. He also believes as more and more films release in theatres, people will return to watch them.

Velle will hit cinema halls this Friday, December 10.

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