Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips and tricks for getting started

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer has been out for more than three weeks now, and within that time, it has amassed a large number of active players online. Released in a surprise announcement during Xbox’s 20-year celebration, the free-to-play title has received an overall positive reception from veteran fans.

Now that the campaign segment is out, a lot of new players have jumped into the battlefield as well. So for them, we have compiled a list of tips and settings adjustments that would help them gain an advantage during matches.

General Settings

Much like every other online multiplayer title, it is advised that you lower your in-game graphics to get more framerates. The higher the fps, the faster you can react. Visual details such as V-sync, anti-aliasing, and reflections provide no value in such situations. So feel free to disable them as well. Additionally, we would recommend you to set the FPS counter to “Unlocked,” so it hits the maximum framerate your GPU can support, giving you a lag-free experience. If you are playing on the console, simply switch to performance mode.

Smooth and Delayed Aiming

The moment you head into a Halo Infinite match, you will notice a weird input delay and added smoothness while trying to aim at targets. This has to do with Microsoft’s implementation of a borderless fullscreen setting instead of a normal one, causing a weird screen stretching issue.

On PC, turn your mouse DPI to 1600, and then lower your in-game sensitivity.

To avoid this on PC, you could increase your mouse DPI to 1600, and then adjust the in-game mouse sensitivity to 0.8 or below, according to your preference. However, if you don’t own a gaming mouse, you could just head over to the Windows mouse settings in Control Panel and then increase the sensitivity to the two-thirds scale. Then you can lower the in-game sensitivity.

Dial down the Deadzones close to zero, then increase your sensitivity anywhere from 6.5 to 8.

Players on the controller have been facing issues with aiming as well, where sometimes the camera gets stuck and other times it’s all over the place. For this, we’d recommend turning Deadzones close to zero and then turning the sensitivity all the way up, around 6.5 to 8.

Use Your Abilities

Halo Infinite’s new grappling hook. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite Multiplayer’s maps are abundant with unique items that grant special abilities upon activation. Some of these give you extra shields, a physical barrier for cover, the new grappling hook for traversal, and an active camo that turns your body invisible. Newer players, however, tend to ignore them and run around the map hunting for kills, and hence die quickly.

Spam those Grenades

Unlike previous Halo titles, there is no such thing as friendly fire in Infinite. So, feel free to spam as many of those grenades into enemy groups. Not only are they effective in causing AOE (area of effect) damage, but also force them to run in different directions, making them more vulnerable.

The Plasma grenade sticks to your opponent and pulverises them after a few seconds. (Screenshot)

Also, if you’re bad at aiming for the head, having a Plasma grenade in your arsenal is quite helpful. During 1v1 situations, you can just chuck them onto your opponent’s torso. That way, even if you lose the battle, the sticky bomb will explode and kill him after a few seconds, making for an even trade.

Stick with your team

During game modes such as Capture the Flag, the carrier will be left vulnerable. So, protect him. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

During game modes such as ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Oddball,’ one player on your team will be devoid of weapons or the ability to sprint. Instead of protecting the flag or ball carrier, if you split from the group to rack up kills, the opposition could easily track down and attack the objective. So, it is highly advised that you stick with your team. Similarly, if you are the objective carrier, use your teammates as a shield.

Learn the mechanics

Before you actually jump into a match, it is ideal that you head over to the Academy Training session and learn the basics via a tutorial. Here, the game teaches you the basic controls, a few tips about the new equipment, and even provides a shooting range, where you can test out every single firearm.

In the Academy Training Arena, you can test out every single firearm in-game. (Screenshot)

Plasma weapons such as Pulse Carbine and Plasma Pistol are effective at taking down shields. However, they have an extremely delayed fire rate, causing you to miss 80 percent of your shots. With enough practice in the training area, you’ll be able to master the shot timing in accordance with your enemy’s movement.

Vehicle Takedown

On big outdoor maps, players will look for the first chance at getting into vehicles. They’re highly durable, equipped with powerful weapons, and help you get to different parts of the map quickly. Airborne vehicles such as the Banshee or Wasp can easily wipe out a group of four if you aren’t equipped for it.

USing lightning-based guns you can easily take down any airborne vehicle. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

Using lightning-based guns namely the Shock rifle and Disruptor pistol, you can easily incapacitate these hovering crafts. Also, if you’re having a hard time against road-based vehicles such as the Warthog, just aim for the tires to bring them to a screeching halt.

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