Farmers staged longest non-violent protest in country: Kejriwal at Assembly session

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The Delhi Legislative Assembly Friday passed a resolution supporting demands of farmer groups for legal guarantee MSP, and demanded that families of those who lost their lives during the protest be compensated.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said a legal guarantee for MSP would benefit the agricultural sector immensely. Addressing the Assembly, he said, “The Centre did not bother to ask or consult farmers about this decision that ended up wreaking havoc… because of their arrogance… When farmers came to Delhi, they thought they would shout on the streets for a few days, get tired, and go back. Last year on November 26, this movement started on the borders of Delhi. It has been a whole year now and this movement has been successful. I want to congratulate the farmers of the country on this achievement and salute them for their bravery.”

The resolution, which was introduced by minister Gopal Rai, also demanded that Union Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra be removed from the Cabinet and arrested for his role in the Lakhimpur Kheri accident. On October 3, a convoy of three SUVs ran over a group of protesting farmers, killing four farmers. Mishra’s son is the main accused in the case and is in jail at present.

The resolution also said the 3 farm laws were against interests of farmers and public in general, and were enacted to favour a handful of business houses.

Kejriwal said the farmers’ protest was the longest non-violent protest in the country: “In my understanding, this is possibly the longest active movement in the history of humanity. Before this, in 1907, farmers of Punjab had protested against the British for 9 months… I never thought farmers in independent India would be subjected to abuses like anti-national, Khalistani, agents of China-Pakistan… Farmers were crushed by a car in front of thousands in Lakhimpur but it was only after the SC’s intervention that the culprit was arrested. For the last few years, people’s trust in democracy was fading away. This is the victory of democracy.”

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