‘Failure is an option, but fear is not’: James Cameron

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If you constantly struggle with taking risks, fret not. Seek motivation from acclaimed Canadian director James Cameron, known for  cinematic masterpieces such as the Titanic, Terminator, Avatar, and Aliens, which resonate with deep human emotions even though the subjects were portrayed as sci-fi characters.

In an inspiring Ted Talk, James explained how his imagination and curiosity, something he inculcated as a child, fuelled him when directing movies.

James narrated the trials and tribulations he experienced as a filmmaker, and shared the primary thing that kept him going throughout his life.

“Well, I think number one is curiosity. It’s the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world,” he said.

He added: “I have young filmmakers come up to me and say, ‘Give me some advice for doing this.’ And I say, ‘Don’t put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you — don’t do it to yourself, don’t bet against yourself, and take risks’.”

He also opened up about a popular phrase NASA uses, and why he disagrees with it. “NASA has this phrase that they like: ‘Failure is not an option’. But failure has to be an option in art and in exploration, because it’s a leap of faith. And no important endeavour that required innovation was done without risk.”

He concluded by saying, “You have to be willing to take those risks. So, that’s the thought I would leave you with, is that in whatever you’re doing, failure is an option, but fear is not. Thank you.”

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