Exhibition on Bollywood writers’ contribution

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A PHOTO exhibition and two-day long seminar will be held by the Urdu Markaz in Madanpura highlighting the contribution of Bollywood film writers in helping build national identity since independence.

The exhibition titled “Jadooee Kalam: A photo exhibition of Hindusthani (Bollywood) Film Writers” will be held at the Urdu Markaz Hall in Madanpura on January 4-5 as part of the National Screenwriters Day celebrations, which is observed on January 5.

The event has been organized by Urdu Markaz an organisation, which works for the development of Urdu literacy and preserving the heritage of areas around Bhendi Bazaar and Mohammed Ali Road.

“To a large extent, many people do not have an idea about Bollywood film writers, who have played a seminal role in reflecting the sensibility of the masses and helped in building national identity through their work. The idea behind the exhibition is to inform the general public as well as aspiring writers about the works of these noted writers and their contribution in shaping our culture,” Zubair Azmi Director of Urdu Markaz said.

The exhibition will showcase the works of writers like Wajahat Mirza, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Kamal Amrohi, Kader Khan, Rajinder Singh Bedi, Nabendu Ghosh, Ritwik Ghatak, Vishwamitra Adil among others.

Apart from showcasing the life and works of these artists, there will be discussions held analysing the works of these artists.

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