Don’t speak about party issues in public: TMC to Madan Mitra

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A day after he took a dig at Trinamool Congress (TMC) Secretary General Partha Chatterjee’s directive for party leaders to refrain from airing their grievances in public, TMC MLA Madan Mitra on Monday was reportedly warned by senior leaders of the party against making controversial remarks on social media and instead discuss them internally.

Speaking during a Facebook live session on Sunday, the former West Bengal minister had said, “We cannot go to the CM’s office on Harish Chatterjee Street because of the security. Abhishek is so busy that ordinary workers like us cannot reach him. The party office is under construction. I am not speaking against the party. But if I have something to say, who will I tell? If he (Partha Chatterjee) tells me to come to the constable on the floor of his house, I will come there.”

Sources said that Mitra was asked to not speak about any issue related to the party on social media or in public. If there is a problem, he should report it within the party, they said. A senior TMC leader said, “We have to maintain discipline within the party. Everyone has to follow the instructions of the party.”

Earlier in a social media post on Saturday, Mitra had stated, “Maybe tomorrow Arjun Singh will join the party and become a spokesperson.” Arjun Singh is a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Barrackpore.
After the warning, Mitra was seen quickly making amends. In a Facebook live on Monday, Mitra said, “Chapter closed from today. Partha Chatterjee called me. He said that this debate should end now.”
“This team is now a sea. Getting out of here means drowning. Madan Mitra is not a rebel. From now on, I will also sit in the Trinamool building,” he added. He also compared party supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with Mahatma Gandhi. “Abhishek Banerjee is a kohinoor. And Mamata Banerjee is the Gandhiji of this party. At the call of my didi, I came without a penny and jumped into the movement,” he said.

Praising Partha Chatterjee, Mitra said, “Partha Chatterjee brought me into politics. The day I got bail (after being jailed for his involvement in the Saradha chitfund case) Partha Chatterjee came to see me and cried. He was so emotional.”

The warning to Mitra comes in the wake of TMC’s attempts to check infighting within its camp.

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