Delhi: 22,000 calls received on Covid helpline in two weeks

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Doctors, medical staff and civil defence volunteers are tirelessly working to help people with Covid-related matters. In a period of two weeks, the Delhi government’s Covid helpline has received 22,000 calls from the public. A large number of the calls were related to hospital availability, vaccination, e-passes and tele-consultation with doctors.

According to government data, from January 12 to 25, the Covid helpline (#1031) received 22,000 calls. Of these, 1,302 were related to the availability of hospital beds, 3,263 were regarding vaccination centres, 805 were medicine-related queries, and 805 were to ask for free Covid tests.

Besides, 3,984 people called asking about e-passes, and about 4,994 persons under home isolation were provided tele-consultation with doctors. About 51 calls were made for Covid[related complaints.

The Delhi government has created log-in IDs for 66 doctors for tele-consultancy. These doctors are deployed in shifts from 5 am to 12 pm; 6 pm to 12 am; and 12 am to 5am.

The Covid helpline is managed by a Noida-based call centre. The 1031 is a 24×7 helpline number run by 25 operators along with 150 phone lines.

“In viewing the increasing number of calls, we have deployed five more executives, taking the total count to 30. We now have sufficient operations and lines. Staff are attending about 8,000 to 10,000 calls per day to address queries about home isolation and other Covid-related matters,” said an official.

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