CBI: IAS officer asked for bribe but did not recommend name

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IAS officer Paramjit Singh, arrested by CBI for demanding and accepting bribe, had been harassing the complainant to deliver the money, despite ignoring his name for promotion in the DPC, an FIR registered by CBI states.

The recorded conversation attached with the FIR by the CBI also suggested that the PA of IAS officer, Dharminder, was aware about the bribe being demanded from the complainant Jaswinder Singh Chahal, officiating General Manager, Punjab roadways, Chandigarh depot.

Paramjit Singh, Director Punjab Roadways, was arrested from his office, Sector 17 on January 31.

Around Rs 30 lakh including Rs 2 lakh bribe was recovered from his office and house in Mohali, respectively. He is currently lodged in Model Burail jail.

Recorded conversation between director Paramjit and Chahal

Paramjit: Kina kaeha cee (How much did I ask for?)Chahal: Mainu dhai kaha si, mai dhai dai dainda ha, tusi kaat kar sakde ho taa kaat daine dagaa (You told me two and half, if you can reduce, then I will cut)

Paramjit: khat-vadh karna yaa final karna (Do you want to bargain or is this final?)

Chahal: Tusi sir daso, mere kol (Sir, you tell me)

Paramjit: Nai 5 kaha cee ya 6 (I told you 5 or 6 earlier)

Chahal: Kine vaje taak bathe ho office vich (Tell me sir, until when will you be in office?)

Paramjit: Monday aaji, take it easy, tu apna jaa ki aay, monday aa ji (You can come on Monday. Take it easy)

Chahal: Nahi 4, sava 4 taak mere kol time hai, baki tusi dasso (No, I am free till 4pm. Rest you tell)

Paramjit: Somvar nu aaji mere kol, somvar no fada ji (Come to me on Monday and deliver it)

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