2 bike-borne men target woman, snatch gold chain

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Two snatchers on a motorcycle targeted a woman and snatched her gold chain in Sector 68 on Wednesday morning. The woman fought with the snatchers but the two managed to flee. The woman was identified as  Saroj Arya, a retired subject expert from Punjab School Education Board. She had gone for a morning walk with her husband.

Arya returned home alone while her husband was still in the park. When she reached near Pancham Society, a housing society, a young man followed her on a bike while the other was behind him. The snatchers covered the number plate of the bike with a white cloth. The man who was following the woman on the bike stopped Arya to ask for an address. While she was speaking to the man, the other man who was behind the biker appeared and snatched the victim’s gold chain. Arya caught hold of him but he broke free and they escaped.

Arya lodged a complaint with Phase VIII police and investigation was then launched.

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